TIA’s Startup Support Program fosters research-fueled companies looking to commercialize breakthrough UCSB technology. UC Santa Barbara has been a hub of innovation since university startup culture was in its infancy. 4 – 6 startups form annually out of UCSB, creating hundreds of jobs in the Santa Barbara area and beyond.

How TIA Supports You

Each startup is unique, which means our approach to supporting your startup is partially tailored to fit your needs. To make it a bit simpler, you can expect three general categories of support.


Familiarizing yourself with the ins and outs of university entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship at large, will give you a better understanding of your positioning and resources. We will get to know your startup and how we can best support you.

Learn about forming a business plan

Learn about customer discovery

Learn about intellectual property


Polishing is all about helping prepare you for success on your growth trajectory. We want to make sure you put your best foot forward and make the most of your resources.

Making a pitchbook profile

Learn about web presence

Pitch/presentation coaching


It is imperative to leverage available resources that will enable your growth. We can connect you to diverse resources for which you are well suited.

Attending pitch events

Building mentor relationships

Investor introductions

Connecting with service providers

UCSB Tech Startup History

UCSB has been a hub of innovation since university startup culture was in its infancy. In 1987, Dr. Virgil Elings founded Digital Instruments to commercialize critical UCSB breakthroughs in atomic force microscopy. Their success set the tone for a continuous run of disruptive startups.

Startup Success Stories

Read the details on some of the pioneering startups that have brought UCSB technology out of the lab and into the world.