Facts & Figures

Invention Portfolio by Discipline




By the numbers…

  • Averaging 90 invention disclosures annually

  • Over 650 active inventions

  • 4-6 new startup companies based on UCSB technologies formed each year (7 startups formed in FY14)

  • 115+ startups formed to-date based on UCSB technology or research

  • Number of active PATENTS (as of FYE16 – which is the most current):

    • 500+ US Patents

    • 250+ Foreign Patents

  • 150+ currently active license agreements

  • In FY16, UCSB generated one disclosure per $2.0 million in research expenditures – much more productive than the U.S. university average of $2.6 million.

  • In FY18, UCSB had $24M in funding from industry which totals 11.5% of UCSB’s total research funding.

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Number of students: 22,000 overall

  • Undergraduates: 18,429

  • Graduates: 2,973     (Science: 730   –   Engineering: 671)

Number of faculty: 1,086

  • Science and Engineering Faculty 417 (Science: 271 – Engineering: 146)

UCSB Academic Rankings & Honors:

  • 39th among U.S. universities (public and private – US News & World Report)

  • 5th among public U.S. universities  (US News & World Report)

  • 3rd in citation impact internationally (Times Higher Education Guide)

  • 4th in Materials, 5th in Computer Sciences, 9th in Chemical Engineering, 10th in Physics compared to other universities

  • 18th in Natural Sciences and Mathematics worldwide universities

  • One-third of the UCSB doctoral programs have a range of rankings reaching into the top five in the country and nearly one-half have a range of rankings reaching into the top ten in the country according to the National Research Council’s 2010 Assessment of Research Doctoral Programs

  • Member of the Association of American Universities (AAU)

UCSB Faculty Awards & Members/Fellows:

  • Nobel Prize winners (6)

  • Millennium Prize winner (1)

  • American Academy of Arts & Sciences (27)

  • National Academy of Sciences (38)

  • National Academy of Engineering (27)

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (38)

  • Royal Society of London (1)

UCSB Funding:

  • Largest extramural funding source is National Science Foundation (29%) – ranked 17th in the country among the top NSF-funded institutions

  • 2nd largest funding source is Department of Defense (26%) – ranked 8th among universities nationwide that receive DOD funding for basic research

  • UCSB ranks 1st in funding by DOD in the University of California system