State of the LED

UC Santa Barbara’s Solid State Lighting and Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC) is at the forefront of the fields of lighting and solid-state devices. Read on to learn more about the newly available technology that has emerged out of the Center this past year.

Gallium Nitride

Impact of GaN

The benefits of Gallium Nitride (GaN) as a semiconductor material are significant and far-reaching. GaN’s power efficiency and unique optical properties position it as the backbone material for the next generation of innovation across a wide swath of devices. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara continue to pioneer advancements in GaN applications and bring this technology to the world just as they did with the emergence of solid state lighting.

Tunnel Junctions

Current Spreading with a Tunnel Junction

The poor electrical conductivity of p-GaN layers is a barrier that opposes widespread adoption of this groundbreaking material. Tunnel junctions (TJs) consisting of n-type and p-type III-nitride layers can be used as a current spreading layer that overcomes this obstacle. Inventors SSLEEC continue to develop elegant TJ solutions that avoid typical drawbacks and achieve industry-leading performance.


Ultraviolet and Far-UV Light Emitters

Solid-state emitters in the ultraviolet and far-UV ranges are in their early stages and are typically restricted by low efficiency and short device lifetimes. Solutions to these problems continue to emerge out of SSLEEC, respresenting unprecedented opportunities for highly efficient, long-lasting UV light emitters that will transform a host of commercial applications.

Strain Engineering

Enhancing Performance with Strain

The demand for higher-performing semiconductor components corresponds with the growing interest in strain engineering techniques as a solution. Researchers at UCSB are advancing strain engineering concepts to provide higher crystal quality and performance in III-nitride based devices for applications in AR/VR, smartphones, large displays, optical integrated circuits (ICs), and more.