Vine Medical

Executive Summary

Vine Medical’s mission is to democratize intubation. Despite being a critical, lifesaving procedure, intubation has seen little innovation over the past century, which has resulted in little change in provider success rates. Evolution has designed a human upper airway that is intended to be inaccessible, and current techniques attempt to overcome this through traditional mechanical means. This approach requires both a deft hand and a discerning eye, often only developed with decades of experience. Our company has taken a radically different approach: visualization-free, self-deployment. We leverage evolution-inspired, soft-robotic tip growth to overcome these evolution-imposed difficulties, allowing us to deliver anesthesiologist-level success rates in the hands of novices. This paradigm shift will facilitate the intubation of any patient, anywhere, at any time, by anyone.


30 °N
100 °W

Goleta, CA



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