Keto Krisp

Executive Summary

My name is Adam Bremen and I am the Founder of CanDo – maker of Keto Krisp protein bars! At CanDo, our mission is to inspire and empower everyone to live a healthier lifestyle every day. Why? I was born with Cerebral Palsy and have used an electric wheelchair to move around my entire life. From an early age, my parents instilled in me that life is about what I CAN DO, not what I can’t do. At 42, I was overweight and needed to make a change. I transitioned to a keto-based diet and began exercising daily. I lost 65lbs! During my weight loss journey, I couldn’t find an on-the-go snack that tasted good. So, I created Keto Krisp, the perfect combination of a protein bar with an unrivaled taste and premium nutritional ingredients. Today, we at CanDo invite you to join the tribe, whether Keto or not, and embody the CanDo spirit. After all It’s about what you CanDo!


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