Elite Robotics Corp

Executive Summary

Elite is innovating the way the CBD and other Ag markets do on the spot testing. We are innovating the test tools and creating a razor and blades model to provide “A Lab In Your Hand”. This will be a platform product to be built out further with a high value SaaS model. We combine our patent-pending use of MEMS technologies with cloud-based AI. Our technology miniaturizes and improves upon what has previously been large and complex instruments that often use toxic chemicals to operate. Our system needs no toxic chemicals to perform its analysis. Our products promise faster, truly easier to use tools to disrupt an entrenched industry. Our goal is to provide tools that easily highlight undesired and potentially contaminating materials. Longer term, we wish to create local jobs. But our ultimate goal is to provide tools that can contribute to finding the causes of cancer.


30 °N
100 °W

Camarillo, CA



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