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biozen batteries

Executive Summary

BioZen develops carbon-based redox-active electrolytes (“redoxolytes”) inspired by photosynthesis to store energy in long-duration Redox Flow Batteries. These redoxolytes are safe, sustainable, and less costly than existing technology. Renewable energy requires complementary long-duration batteries to store sun and wind energy for later use. These batteries must scale fast, sustainably, and economically. But dominant battery technologies use lithium, heavy metals, and corrosive chemistries that are flammable, toxic, unjust, unsustainable, and too expensive to scale. This is unacceptable for curtailing climate change with renewable energy. BioZen’s founders wrote UCSB doctoral theses on organic semiconductors for energy conversion. Combining that with the local Goleta Load Pocket (the high-risk grid serving SB county) beachhead market, BioZen directly innovates in this critical energy storage sector. Flow batteries with BioZen redoxolytes are safer, greener, and longer-lasting, translating to a more stable, disaster-resilient, renewables-integrated grid that reduces energy costs to ratepayers while also preserving the environment.


30 °N
100 °W

Santa Barbara, CA



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