Yasamin Mostofi


Professor Mostofi is a Professor in the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her research lab consists of graduate and undergraduate students whose research focuses on wireless systems and mobile robotic networks. After receiving her B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Mostofi went on to further her knowledge in Electrical Engineering by receiving a Ph.D. in the subject from Stanford University.

Research Areas: Mostofi’s research interests include robotic networks, RF sensing, see-through imaging, occupancy estimation, human-robot networks, and robotic decision making.

Available Technologies Developed by Professor Mostofi:


  • 2016 IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) Antonio Ruberti Young Researcher Prize
  • 2015 Keynote Speaker and Honorarium Receipt, HP annual Imaging Conference, San Diego, CA
  • 2012 IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award of Region 6. This award is given annually to one scientist or engineer in Region 6. Region 6 covers all the western United States, including California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, parts of New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming.
  • 2011 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
  • 2009 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award
  • 2012 IEEE Outstanding Engineer Award of Albuquerque
  • 2008-2009 ECE Distinguished Researcher Award, Univ. of New Mexico
  • 1999 Recipient of Bellcore fellow-advisor award, Stanford University

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