Research Agreements

In the furtherance of our missions of research, training, and public service, the University of California, Santa Barbara accepts funding from all types of sponsors (including federal entities, other non-profit organizations, and companies in the for-profit sector) to support the academic endeavors of our faculty and researchers.

In contrast with many federal and other non-profit grant programs, a company will typically support a research project that is of specific interest to their line of business.  The company will formally fund a research project through a research agreement that is entered into between the company and UCSB.

An industry-funded research project typically  starts with preliminary discussions between the UCSB researcher and a company’s representative,where they seek to arrive at a mutually agreeable scope of work and budget for the contemplated project. Once the project design and cost are agreed upon, the UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances (TIA) can work with the company to put an agreement in place. If intellectual property is developed in the performance of the project, the company will have an opportunity to secure a license to that intellectual property. Indirect cost applies to sponsored projects. Also, please note that UCSB does not accept export-controlled information in connection with the research it conducts.

Research agreements funded by companies, including federal flow-through contracts, are managed by TIA’s industry contracts team. For more information, please contact Kevin Stewart, Associate Director, Industry Contracts, by clicking here.

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