Samir Mitragotri Bio

Samir Mitragotri SmallProfessor Samir Mitragotri is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). He also serves as the Founding Director of UCSB’s Center for Bioengineering. He received Ph.D. from MIT in 1996 and B.S. from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in 1992. Prof. Mitragotri’s research interests are in the field of drug delivery and biomaterials. His research has advanced fundamental understanding of transport processes in biological systems and led to the development of new materials and technologies for diagnosis and treatment of various ailments including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases.

Professor Mitragotri has published over 200 publications in scientific journals and books. He has given over 175 invited lectures in various conferences around the world. He is an inventor on 80 pending or issued patents. Prof. Mitragotri’s work has been cited more than 9100 citations (h-index of 52). His work has also been highlighted in numerous popular and news media including Scientific American, Popular Science, R&D Magazine, New York Times, USA Today and Discover Magazine . Professor Mitragotri has co-founded seven companies (Sontra, fqubed, Stratagent, Seventh Sens e, Dx, Entrega and Convoy) that are developing various products for detection and treatment of diseases.

Research Areas: Professor Mitragotri’s primary research objective is to develop novel methods of drug delivery in order to provide patient-friendly and easy-to-use means of disease management. Development of novel drug delivery methods is contingent upon our ability to control the transport of desired bio-molecules in the tissues against the naturally exerted forces by tissues arising form steric, chemical, and physical interactions of bio-molecules with the tissues.

Available Technologies Developed by Professor Mitragotri:


  • 2012 Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • 2005 Allan P. Colburn Award
  • 2004 CRS-Outstanding Pharmaceutical Research Award
  • 2004 Hendrick C. van Ness Award Lecturer
  • 2004 CRS-Capsugel Innovative Aspects of Oral Delivery Award
  • 2004 Diabetes Technology Peterson Student Award
  • 2003 Global Indus Technovator Award
  • 2003 Editorial Board, Journal of Controlled Release
  • 2003 Editorial Board, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • 2003 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
  • 2003 Theme Editor, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
  • 2003 Keynote Lecturer, BioTechnica, 2003
  • 2002 Editorial Board, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
  • 2001 Outstanding Faculty Award, UCSB
  • 2001 Junior Faculty Research Incentive Award, UCSB
  • 2001 3M Young faculty award
  • 2001 Culpepper Biomedical Pilot Initiative award
  • 2000 Editorial Board, Austral-Asian Journal of Cancer
  • 2000 CRS-Dow Corning Outstanding Research Award
  • 2000 International Research Promotion Council Young Scientist Award
  • 1999 Technology Review Young Innovator Award
  • 1996 Harvard Health Letter Outstanding Research Award
  • 1995 Ebert Prize by the American Pharmaceutical Association
  • 1994-96 Schering-Plough Fellowship
  • 1992 MIT Chemical Engineering Alumni Fellowship
  • 1992 Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award
  • 1992 G.P Kane medal and award in Chemical Engineering

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