Solid State Lighting & Energy

9-27-2013 12-29-40 PM

The Solid State Lighting & Energy Electronics Center (SSLEEC) at UC Santa Barbara is a new collaborative center, which partners key industry leaders and UCSB researchers to advance solid-state lighting and energy efficient power switching using wide-bandgap semiconductors.

The research thrusts for the center include:

  • Ultra-efficient solid state lighting (>280ml/Watt)

  • Power switching (98% efficient > 2kV)

  • Laser lighting (>200ml/Watt)

  • Low cost bulk GaN

Under the leadership of Professors Steven DenBaars, Shuji Nakamura, Umesh Mishra and Jim Speck, SSLEEC has established one of the most unique and successful business models among universities and industry partners. The work in the new center builds upon more than a decade of research in this area, including work in the prior two centers, SSLDC and SSLEC. Over the past six years, SSLEC produced a key patent portfolio of 154 patents that make up 25% of the total patent pool at UCSB. The center has produced 430+ publications since 2007. SSLEC papers have been cited over 14,000 times (H-index = 91). The center averages less than $195K in research expenditures per disclosure.

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