Carl Meinhart


Before joining the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Carl Meinhart completed his education at the University of Illinois. He has now been a faculty member at UCSB for over twenty years. Dr. Meinhart is a professor of Mechanical Engineering and runs the Micofluidics lab. Prof. Meinhart’s research focuses on developing microfluidic devices and investigating their fundamental transport mechanisms.  Meinhart and his colleague’s are recognized for having establishing micro-resolution Particle Image Velocimetry (micro-PIV), the gold standard for microfluidics diagnostics, a task some said could never be done. He has 140+ publications and conference papers, which have been cited more than 8,000 times. He holds 10 issued patents and is the founder/co-founder of three startup technology companies.


Research Areas: 

Professor Meinhart’s lab research areas include bioengineering & systems, biology, thermal science & fluid mechanics, and micro & nano technology.

Available Technologies Developed by Professor Meinhart:


  • 2011 Fellow, APS

  • 2007 ASME Outstanding Paper Award, ASME Congress

  • 1999 NSF Career Award

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