Select California Startups


ecorithm-logo(2010) Ecorithm has a unique system that cures inefficient energy use in buildings, with particular effectiveness in high rise buildings.  With this system, buildings can achieve 30+% energy savings with minimal capital investment.  Ecorithm has its product in pilot projects at landmark buildings in both New York City and Atlanta, Georgia.

EUC-017 Logo FNL rgb(2009) Eucalyptus has developed flexible private and public cloud computing systems and software.  In just two years, Eucalyptus grew to 60 employees and raised $25M in funding and established over 25,000 Eucalyptus deployments across the globe and 100,000 downloads of their open source software.  In fall 2014, Eucalyptus was acquired by Hewlett Packard.

Sirigen Logo(2004) Sirigen has developed advanced fluorescent polymers that enhance the ability of medical diagnostic tests to detect specific pathogens, as well as to allow for the testing for a variety of pathogens simultaneously in one sample.  Sirigen successfully introduced their first commercial product in 2010 and was acquired by Becton Dickinson in 2012.

lastline_logo(2009) Lastline protects Internet users from malware and cybercrime through a unique approach to breach detection is the culmination of more than ten years of R&D specifically focused on advanced and evasive breach weaponry and tactics. The result is a software-based platform designed to integrate breach detection capabilities seamlessly into your existing security portfolio.

Soraa Logo

(2008) Soraa is developing next generation LED lighting and other energy saving products that leverage material advances in semiconductors including those of Dr. Shuji Nakamura, who, in 2014, received a Nobel Prize for his work in LEDs.  In three years, they grew to more than 100 employees, all located within California.                                                    

CytomX Logo(2005) CytomX Therapeutics’ novel probody platform is a disruptive technology that unlocks the full potential of therapeutic antibodies in oncology. The unique selectivity of its probodies localizes the activity of the underlying antibody to the tumor microenvironment.  Probodies minimize activity on healthy tissue, thereby expanding the therapeutic window for a broad array of validated and novel targets.



(2010) Next Energy has developed organic semiconducting inks that are printed/coated using a roll-to-roll process to make transparent solar cells that are lightweight, flexible, and extremely inexpensive. The printable solar generating coatings enable NEXT technology to be uniquely integrated into a range of innovative building-integrated applications, including windows, spandrel glass, and roofing materials.

Transphorm-logo(2007) Transphorm is redefining power conversion. Leveraging breakthroughs in modern materials and unmatched expertise, Transphorm’s ultra-efficient power modules, including transistors, modules and demo boards, eliminate up to 90% of all electric conversion losses.

aurrion-logo(2008) Aurrion is commercializing a hybrid silicon photon integration platform enables a new generation of integrated photonic devices and integrated circuits.  Aurrion is partnering with system integrators to create new systems on chips that can provide a massive (>10x) reduction in size and weight over discretely implemented designs while providing improved power, cost, and reliability by eliminating unnecessary packaging and optical connections.

(2011) Aptitude logo_NEWMedical Systems is employing a novel process that allows them to create a new generation of proprietary, customized aptamers for more effective diagnosis and treatment.  Their products allow detection and manipulation of proteins for cancer, autoimmune, heart disease, and personalized drug response.  Aptitude’s systems are integrated in devices which are deployable outside of central facilities, directly at the point of care.

PiMEMS-Logo(2012) PiMEMS is commercializing a platform technology that allows it to design, fabricate and package MEMS devices from bulk Titanium substrates, which are ideal for harsh environments and for biomedical applications.  Their flagship product is a high performance, ultra-thin, low cost thermal ground plane that is customizable to any 2D or 3D complex shape.


Serimmune(2013) Serimmune is developing diagnostics and therapeutics for autoimmune diseases.  Their ADEPT technology directly identifies antibody biomarkers in patient biospecimens that are unique to the disease state.  In addition, its proprietary peptide library technology yields peptide reagents that precisely recognize disease specific antibodies to allow new classes of therapeutics.  Because the Serimmune technology does not require knowledge of the cause or mechanisms of disease, it can be deployed broadly to diverse autoimmune, oncological, and neurological disorders.

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