Disclosing Your Innovation

The UCSB Office of Technology & Industry Alliances (TIA) is responsible for managing the protection and licensing of UCSB discoveries with potential commercial value. By using intellectual property law to protect discoveries with potential commercial value, TIA can hopefully encourage interested companies to invest the resources necessary to turn an early stage academic discovery into a commercial product.

Disclosing Innovations Developed at UCSB

If, in the course of your UCSB research, you believe you have discovered something of potential commercial value or commercial relevance, the first step is to complete the appropriate invention disclosure form. TIA has two main disclosure forms: one for potentially patentable inventions (such as new compositions of matter, devices, or processes) and one for copyrightable materials (such as computer software or multi-media materials). Click on the link below to open an editable version of the two forms:

Invention Disclosure Form

  • If you need to add additional UCSB Inventors click here
  • If you need to add additional non UCSB Inventors click here

Software/Copyright Disclosure Form 

As copyright and patent law differ, it is important to use the correct disclosure form. Please contact TIA if you have any questions regarding the appropriate form to use.

Below are listed the different steps of the disclosing process. Click on the following links to learn more.


Requesting Permission to Open Source

If your UCSB research group is interested in releasing a piece of software under an open source license, please complete and forward the “Request to Open Source Software” form to TIA. Sherylle Mills Englander is available to assist you selecting the appropriate open source license for the circumstances.


Determining Title to Outside Innovations

From time-to-time, UCSB researchers engaged in outside professional activities are asked to determine if the University of California will assert title to an innovation developed during those outside activities. TIA has a procedure in place to review these requests. To start the process, please complete the Title Clearance Request Form.